Image Credit: @asifahsankhan / IFC Films.

The Human Centipede 2 — One Disgusting Movie You Don’t Ever Need to See!

If you’ve ever happened to come across the Human Centipede (First Sequence), then you know how horribly insane and sick a movie can get. Besides being weird, it was terribly disgusting, yet it was also original and ironically quite the favorite type of Movie for a lotta’ “gore-loving weirdos out there!” —I ain’t one of them! 

However, as you can imagine I was curious about the sequel, “The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)“, and just thought that I should give it a try just to see what happens or how gross can it possibly get— and since I knew the centipede would become longer in this so in my opinion that would become even more intense so I just wanted to take a—Pick-E!


Yes, “Stupid and Bad” these are the choices in life which are mostly made, despite our good intentions, at the worst particular time—in my case at night and when nobody’s at home. Is it because we humans have this knack for choosing precisely all those things which are worst for them? —A fact I live by.

I can only say that I made an incredibly wrong decision. I could’ve lived my whole life not having to see it—ever!

(Why’s that goddamn Time Machine isn’t ready yet?)

The film, by the way, was originally banned in the The United Kingdom by the BBFC because of its “revolting” content but was eventually granted an 18 certificate after over 30 cuts were made. The film was also banned in Australia for a short period of time, then released with cuts. It is banned in New Zealand.

It received worldwide negative reviews for its plot, excessive gore and violence. (Duh!)

Trust me, the HC2 makes the first film look like a Disney Princess movie. So, if you are one of those “Gore Lovers” and are wondering about (the sequel) whether you should watch it or not then this is your cautionary warning: “The Human Centipede 2” is the last “Disgusting Movie” you’d ever want to see!

The Human Centipede II: Full Sequence (2011)

Image Credit: @asifahsankhan / IFC Films.
The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) (2011) — Inspired by the fictional Dr. Heiter, disturbed loner Martin dreams of creating a 12-person centipede and sets out to realize his sick fantasy. | Image Credit: @asifahsankhan / Bounty Films / IFC Films.

The Human Centipede II (2011) —is surely the weirdest movie I’ve ever seen and undoubtedly one of the worst films ever made! It’s one of those films that you pass onto a friend, with no pun intention whatsoever nor to just mess with them, but because you’d like them to feel the same way you felt, the way it messed up your mind and the trauma/effect it left you with was unlike any other and which will stay for a long time— all because you were watching this piece of crap!

A friend of mine told me she viewed the film on a on the ‘midnight movie’ circuit in Melbourne. She did not observe a single person at the screening walk out of the cinema. But unlike her, me—the idiot that I am—watched the whole damn thing alone at home, at night, and at a time when nobody inside the next 20 blocks will ever know what the hell I was doing. (Hey, I could’ve had a heart-brain-penis-malfunction and no one would’ve find out!)

She also said that during some early scenes a few audience members responded humorously, (Of course, when you’re surrounded by a couple of hundred people while some are just here to make out, and you know you’re in theatre— You’re Brave! ) but that was it. Because there was really nothing to laugh about in this movie.

*** Warnings and Cautions ***

The subject matter of this film is not for anyone. The pictures used below are NSFW and NSFWTF (Not Safe for Whomever and Not Safe for WTF), proceed at your own risk. —You Have Been Warned! Stay the f*ck off if you’re too young or too vulnerable.

  1. Note: If you do watch the movie on your own—and finish the whole thing than please I beg you, do let me know. Because I still believe that I am the only person ever in the history of cinema to make it that far into the film. (A record I wish I never held!)
  2. Note II: If you do make it to the end, and many of you won’t, HC2’s conclusion will cause an immediate vacancy in your stomach – so don’t eat at least eight hours before watching this film. —You have been warned. Again!
  3. Note III: You can say that this whole article is just one of my film reviews—clearly not the one I wanted to write about. Saw this film a few days ago. So I thought I should share it with you guys here. And also to prevent you from watching the movie by any means, I’m describing the whole plot—theme—and a few “WTF” moments in this answer as well. While it’s only my opinion, but I doubt you’ll find a decent or positive review of this Movie anywhere—Yes! It is what it is, the term— “Weird” — fits here, but not perfectly!

I’ve tried to make it seem as humorous not hilarious as possible despite the fact that it is the exact opposite—Because who wouldn’t enjoy watching a dozen of bloody disgusting people “pooping” on each other’s face and just when you’re hoping that was the worst it can get, it’s not even started! —They’re eating it too!

Proceed With Caution…Seriously!


The Human Centipede (Film Series): 1, 2 & 3

The Human Centipede (Film Series): 1, 2 & 3. — Oh, yes, there's three of them. It's Motherf*cking trilogy! Like Christmas all the way. But without all the merriment and Santa Claus. We'll be discussing the second one in the series in this post. And Yes, there's fat guy in this film. the fat guy you see just running around and beating people up is definitely not Santa. Beware kids!
The Human Centipede (Film Series): 1, 2 & 3 — Oh, yes, there’s three of them. First, Full and Final Sequence; That’s right folks, it’s one Motherf*cking trilogy! Like Christmas all the way. But without all the merriment and Santa Claus. We’ll be discussing the second one in the series in this post. And Yes, there’s fat guy in this film. the fat guy you see just running around and beating people up is definitely not Santa. Beware kids!

When the first descriptions of Tom Six’s Human Centipede (First Sequence) started making their way through the ether, there was a lot of nervous giggling: a horror movie where the bad guy stitches a trio of unwitting hostages together, ass-to-mouth? And it’s supposedly “100% Medically Accurate”? This sounded like exploitative garbage at best, a complete waste of time (and a borderline Troma film) at worst. But then a funny thing happened: Human Centipede turned out to be pretty interesting. Not too bad, even. It squelched its way into our lives boldly claiming that it was “100 percent medically accurate.” If you haven’t seen the film, or are unaware of its central premise, chances are you don’t have access to the internet. If that’s the case, the movie is about a reclusive German scientist who kidnaps and performs surgery on three wayward tourists, creating this:

Have no doubt, you're absolutely 100% correct! It is exactly what you see, think and what you're imagining right now.
Have no doubt, you’re absolutely 100% correct! It is exactly what you see, think and what you’re imagining right now.

You did get the idea from the image above, right?



Take a look at this GIF below:

This Image is courtesy of Six Entertainment Company — the film’s production company and it’s their home page welcome photo! 

All three films received overwhelmingly negative reviews from critics. The first one was actually pretty good, despite all the “filth.” So one could easily wonder, could The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence possibly be as good or maybe even better? Turns out, it’s an irrelevant question, as Centipede 2 is absolutely nothing like Six’s original film…and has a completely different agenda.

More horrific than the film itself is the fact that writer/director Tom Six actually thought it up. But he didn’t just think it up, he also made two of the damn films. Worrying.

I should address this beforehand that this was actually one of my reviews (written a year ago) — obfuscating one’s writing style when reviewing papers — plus some edited segments from my recent contribution for an entertainment site — because this one movie I “regret” watching — totally!

Read on, after the jump…

The Creepy Scrapbook of Martin in The Human Centipede 2 (2011)

Frankly, The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) (2011) — the second in the series — is really just made to shock people — and is a real awful movie. The first movie at least tried to make a believable story, with good effects and reasonable acting. This movie is just plan—S%it! The first part actually had a story and wasn’t necessarily made for it’s gore and violent, while this movie just loves it that much that it forgets to make a decent story. It’s purely made to shock people, it has absolutely no logic in it at all. Sick, disgusting and vile.

Yet some say it’s also demonically funny, stylish and ingenious.


This looks funny to you?

The fat guy knocks people’s teeth out with a hammer. One more thing I could have lived forever and not missed seeing…Seriously!
These are visuals I will never get back…sigh!

There are very visual images of teeth being bashed in, poop being ‘shot at the camera’ and rape with barbed wire. One man bleeds to death after having his arse removed (arse-ctomy?). I’d like to have a doctor’s opinion on most of this film. Unfortunately, anyone with any ounce of intelligence gave up on this film when they learned of it’s existence. At one point I think Tom Six forgot that he was making a sequel to “The Human Centipede” and just continued in making something like A Serbian Film (2010 movie) or something — But at least that had some sort of story in it, even though it was sick as f%ck!

Queuing for the loo…
After performing a victory dance that would even make Kanye West feel uncomfortable in public places, the good ole security guard tries to feed his new centipede pet. How very responsible of him. However, the young actress (Yennie —who snagged the spot up front! Better than the last time when she was at the pooping-end.) refuses to eat, so the guard becomes infuriated and shoves a funnel down her throat.
One more time: Queuing for the loo… the loo…

Disappointed they’re not pooping yet, he injects them with laxatives…

If you don’t know what happens when a person is injected with laxatives, then good for you!

Basically, in a matter of seconds, the bowels of the centipede go from six to midnight. This kinda grosses out the security guard (the same man who just performed that very questionable, back-alley surgery on 12 people), so he runs over to the wall to puke his guts out.

And now, as the Centipede has vacated its bowels, Martin has other ideas…

This is another scene made infamous by the BBFC, the rape sequence is actually not as graphic as you might think. It's since been cut from the theatrical release (even in the US). 
This is another scene made infamous by the BBFC, the rape sequence is actually not as graphic as you might think. It’s since been cut from the theatrical release (even in the US).

But as far as luck goes and as unlucky as one can get, I must’ve broken the previous record by a full margin. I saw the unedited-uncut-original grossie version on full HD DVD (Yes, a true winner!). Martin, who as you’ve learned by now (pictured everywhere) is the fat guy whose basically running things in this movie with the sickest smile, likes a little pain with his pleasure, picks up a random piece of barbed wire, wraps it around his dick and goes to town on the tail-end of his centipede. As disturbing as it is to see Martin pseudo-raping someone, I feared the worst and, for some reason, director Tom Six showed some restraint. 

Such as wrapping a barbed wire round his penis and then “doing” the women at Centipede’s back end.— explicit close-up of his penis. Martin is then shown standing behind the girl with his erect penis wrapped in barbed wire.

And of course, he climaxes!

Here’s a Question:

Who is more Stupid, the actors who are paid to star in this or is it me—who voluntarily watched the whole f*cking thing for free?

(Forgetting that important fact completely: “Free” —is no such thing in this world!)

The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) (2011)

Director: Tom Six (Also Writer); 

Cast: Ashlynn Yennie, Maddi Black, Laurence R. Harvey;

The movie: Staging the events that happened in the first movie, were literally nothing more than a movie, a troubled loner sets out to create his own human centipede with 12 people using homemade surgical equipment, most notably a rusty stapler.

What’s weird: Almost no dialogue is spoken through the entire movie. The black and white adds to a very gritty realism.

Weirdest moment: Barbed wire rape, baby head-crushing, you name it.

Taglines: 100% medically INaccurate.

Genre: Horror; Mad Scientist, Torture, Gore. etc.

Gross: $122,890 (USA) (4 November 2011)

Critics Ratings: IMDb: 3.9/10;  Metacritic: 17/100 (Based on 22 critic reviews provided by; Rotten Tomatoes: 30% out of 100%;

Roger Ebert, of the Chicago Sun-Times, who did not assign a star rating to the original, gave this film a full ZERO (0) Stars on review, calling it “reprehensible, dismaying, ugly, artless and an affront to any notion, however remote, of human decency.”

He would later name it “the Worst Movie of 2011.” (Nobody disagrees!)

Overall Worldwide Rating: — Negative (dreadful); My Personal Rating: 1/10 (wish “0” was applicable for movie rating)

But clearly— “There really is no other movie on Earth quite like it!”

Pardon the expression, but The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) (2011) is sick shit. It is only for horror fans who seek the disgusting and the unusual. But even they’ll end up being pretty disappointed as much as everyone else.

Award Category Recipient(s) Outcome
Fangoria Chainsaw Awards 2012 Worst Film The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence Won
Best Limited-Release/Direct-to-DVD Film The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence Nominated

Ashlynn Yennie as ‘Miss Yennie’ – Centipede #1

Ashlynn Yennie—The star of the new BDSM-themed Showtime series ‘Submission’ — was probably the only watchable thing in the movie!
Only good thing about the movie is the actress — Ashlynn Yennie. She gave the “Bravest” performance ever! (probably) — For an actress this beautiful — as one of the gutsiest genre starlets in the horror flick game— most actresses wouldn’t be bold enough to spend nearly all of their screen time on all fours, with knee-caps carved out and their mouths sewn onto another person’s ass.
Laurence R. Harvey and Ashlynn Yennie; DVD Screenshot;

And who could blame them? Yennie plays herself auditioning for a role in a Quentin Tarantino (director) film. No alarms go off when she’s picked up by a man in a bloody coat driving a filthy van and who never speaks. Turns out there is such a thing as too dumb to live.

And so what’s her fate? 


Ashlynn can no longer make a sound because he removed her tongue? How does the human body work again?
Maybe my gag reflex has got worse but I gagged so hard throughout this film my eyes watered…

The So-Called Plot: How disgusting can a movie be?

“A Centipede Up Yours!” — The caption should really say it all, but some grisly elaboration is inevitable: A funnel stuck in your anus would naturally be a pretty big bummer (pun intended?), but it’s got to be considered heavenly before a squirmy centipede is introduced into the equation. That’s one symptom Pepto-Bismol can’t tackle!

The film opens with the end of the first film. It then goes on to show the credits of that film, and we quickly come to understand that in the universe of Part 2, the first film is actually fictional.

We’re then introduced to our lead character Martin, who is watching the film.

Yeah, that’s him… Instead of Martin being some survivor turned killer, or protégé of Doctor Heiter, he’s just a fan of the first movie— Human Centipede (First Sequence)

Not technically gross in the way that most of the moments on this film are, but seeing the roly-poly Martin in various forms of undress throughout the movie, isn’t exactly a visual feast. Especially when he’s sweaty and his mother comes in shouting, “You shit the bed again, didn’t you?!” Maybe ease up on the Taco Bell, Martin. 

Martin (Laurence R. Harvey) is a mentally disturbed loner who lives with his mother in a bleak housing project. When he’s not at work he lives with his abusive mother – a woman who clearly states her hatred of him, and blames him for his father leaving her. For the record, his father is in prison for sexually abusing him, something the mother clearly knows. But yeah, we get that Martin has not been traditionally raised, and it certainly doesn’t help that his psychiatrist wants to rape him. We learn that within 5 minutes of seeing him on screen.

The Sandpaper Masturbation — This was one of the details that got mentioned in every report because of how awful it is.

One of the infamous scenes that the British Board of Film Classification listed as an example of why the banned they film, Martin gets such a boner from the thought of his own personal Human Centipede that he whips it out at work and beats the meat. But Martin was molested by his father we're told and only derives sexual pleasure from pain. So he wraps his wiener in sandpaper and goes to town. So much for Jergens and a box of Kleenex...
One of the infamous scenes that the British Board of Film Classification listed as an example of why the banned they film, Martin gets such a boner from the thought of his own personal Human Centipede that he whips it out at work and beats the meat. But Martin was molested by his father we’re told and only derives sexual pleasure from pain. So he wraps his wiener in sandpaper and goes to town. So much for Jergens and a box of Kleenex…

Poor Martin was molested by his father, so the only way he’s able to get off — aside from fantasizing about his favorite horror movie — is to inflict pain on himself during sex. That translates to an awful scene where he rips off a piece of sandpaper and… you can figure out the rest. Thankfully, we don’t get a detailed look, except for that awkward O-face you see above. But it comes early in the movie, and it had everyone groaning.

The grotty little man with a Human Centipede fetish created his own special scrapbook about the first movie and treasured it like his own baby – that is, until his horrible mother got her claws on it… (Red circle marked)

Image: Martin’s Creepy Scrapbook From The Human Centipede 2 | By the way, you can even buy the “Scrapbook”— if you want. Oh, and that’s not even the most revolting thing you can buy from Tom Six’s Human Centipede website. Not even close: You Can BUY His Severed-? 7 Grossest, Most Awful Props from ‘The Human Centipede’ Movies

And below is a picture of Mrs. Who gave birth to a lunatic — his mother— Martin eventually sics his real centipede (the loud one) on his mother before beating her to death with a crowbar. This is one way to get her to open up. Right?


He works the night shift as a security guard in an equally grim and foreboding underground parking complex. To escape his dreary existence, Martin loses himself in the fantasy world of the cult horror film The Human Centipede, fetishizing the meticulous surgical skills of the gifted Dr. Heiter, whose knowledge of the human gastrointestinal system inspires Martin to attempt the unthinkable.

Creating— “The Human Centipede”


With twelve victims, Martin begins assembling his “centipede“. He severs the tendons in each person’s knees to prevent them from fleeing and uses a hammer to knock out their teeth. He slices open the buttocks of one of his victims, causing him to bleed to death. In a quick change of plan, instead of actual surgeon tools, he uses a staple gun and duct tape to attach each person’s lips to the next person’s buttocks. During the assembly process, the pregnant woman is presumed dead; a grieving Martin places her in the corner. His “human centipede” is ultimately ten people —long/length— with Ashlynn in front.

The biggest part of this movie is replaying the first movie. This Martin dude is obsessed with it and watches it over and over again, which means, the viewer of the sequel watches it over and over again as well. It’s not very refreshing for a movie if it’s mostly replaying the first part.

***  Heads Up!! ***

*** Warnings and Cautions II***

Proceed with caution… And I’m Dead Serious!!

It really doesn’t matter—If you’re fan of BDSM Pornography/BDSM — You’d have to re-consider your enthusiasm before watching this film.

Just think about the stuff that can also come out of those — “holes”—And it does!

Oh yeah, and that too… licking and sucking and f*cking… you name it. You’ll get the ultimate porno you won’t be able to handle, sadly and fortunately.

I’m done with the a%s jokes now, that was fun while it lasted. I’m not going to give anything away, but there was a scene that truly caught me off guard. I promise though, you’ll know what it is… Be prepared to yell very loudly “Oh my F’ing God that was f%cking WRONG!”

Seriously —for some of you, all of these are very very inappropriate!

Forgetting just how many “warnings” have I given already. This Image, I had to blur it up a little.

There are some issues of course, mainly the lack of anything morally redeeming in any way shape or form. Unless you’re in the mood for some purely sickening, disturbing shit (see that, I made a pun!) you’d better steer clear, because Human Centipede 2 is nothing more than shock value on steroids, or, if you want to be a little naughty, suppositories.

Question II: How the hell did a Rabbi get into this film?

The psychiatrist who makes house calls has a beard which makes him more insane than his patients. He sits and watches while Martin observes a centipede he has in a terrarium. While — The centipede makes more noise than many people I’ve slept with!

A shrink with beard this long?— I Guess, His chin found the hair he lost…

I’m by the way not too sure what to think of this Martin dude, or the guy who played him. Sure, he was good at acting as a creepy little dude who did some pretty nasty stuff. And he did made me feel incredibly uncomfortable, so I guess for a horror movie that’s a good thing. But man, this dude was nasty as hell. His acting might be reasonable, but well, acting is made a lot easier when you don’t have to say a word. Really, not one word the entire movie. And I don’t think he was a mute, since people complained about ‘him talking about the centipede stuff’, meaning he talked.

Question III: Why write the crappiest script and no dialogues?

If you’re going for the “nasty” why not make the story less nasty and a bit appealing. Or put some goddamn words into the mouths of these characters. (guess I’m just talking to myself).

The script was really crappy. And like I’ve just said —Martin didn’t talk for the entire movie— and the ones who did talk were incredibly unbelievable. The dialogues are unrealistic, random and mostly weird. This was especially when his mother was involved. A weird scene, involving his mother, was when she starts stabbing his bed where she thought he was laying, a second later she’s cutting her wrists and another second later she’s acting as if it doesn’t hurt her but she does get upset because of a weird book under his bed. It really was one of the most random scenes I’ve ever seen.

When he finds the kitchen tools. The first film’s tagline was “100% Medically Accurate.” For the sequel, Tom decided he wasn’t going to bullshit us, and went with “100% Medically Inaccurate.” This detail mostly escaped our minds, until after Martin has decimated his mother and decides to pack up and start constructing his human centipede. As he’s rummaging through the kitchen drawers and grabbing anything with a sharp edge — stapler, screwdriver, cleaver, knives — it suddenly dawned on me, and I sat up in my seat and moaned, “But he’s not a doctor!” And yet we all knew that he was going to use these tools anyway.


Sh*t splatter. This is the best way I can sum up my Human Centipede II experience to friends: My throat hurt from gagging so many times. The only scene that got me from the first movie is when Dr. Heiter makes the centipede shit into each other’s mouths. Of course we get to see that scene again in this movie (thanks so much, Tom Six), plus Martin’s most depraved experiment. Have I mentioned that he doesn’t talk? He just makes squeals and laughs and growls like a baby—and he is oh-so tickled by making food travel through twelve people as shit.


Because the security guard psycho has such a fascination with the original human centipede film, he feels as though he absolutely needs the actresses of the first movie to be a part of his centipede. Sadly, only one of the ladies’ agencies calls him back, and they agree to fly Ashlynn Yennie out to England to audition for his new Tarantino film. Seems reasonable, right? (don’t answer that one!)

This guy is bashing everyone’s heads in and still expects them to be alive, at least one of them should have gained a head trauma which caused them to faint every few minutes I think. It’s like they didn’t even try to be slightly realistic. Martin staples mouths to arses for the centipede. How does that even work?

Eventually, one man literally tears himself away from another. (And yet I can’t tear myself away from this train wreck!?) So Martin shoots him in the head upon returning to the warehouse. He is now executing each of them one at a time with a bullet to the head. Later when he ran out of bullets, he saws through their necks with a dull blade as they crawl.

The last woman kneeling catches Martin off guard, punches him in the crotch —And Martin got his comeuppance, the imaginary theater inside my head exploded into applause. Before she dies, Ashlynn gets to turn the tables on her twisted creator, by shoving that same funnel into his ass and dumping Martin’s beloved pet centipede into it. It’s the most fitting revenge. Much like this film, centipedes are hard to digest.

The scene cuts back to the tollbooth, with Martin watching the credits of First Sequence on his laptop, with exactly the same reaction as the initial scene. However, the toddler left in the car from the previous kidnappings can be heard crying in the background.

Seems all this was a dream because now Martin is back in his garage office, watching the first movie on his computer?

Alas! The director has succeeded in doubly wasting our time.

Needless to say, this is repulsive and depraved stuff. Which seems to be the only point. Writer/director Tom Six wants to shock you, and he accomplishes his goal. Six did choose wisely with Harvey. The man has enormous saucer eyes along with a short, chubby body. He also possesses a strange magnetism. And the black-and-white imagery is often stark and haunting, at least when it doesn’t include human waste or a bleeding penis!?

This movie is filmed entirely in black and white which was suppose to make it feel more scary, but really it just seems amateurish and lame. It was quite bothering really. I seriously think they chose black and white after the film was already made because it looked too ridiculous in colour. #deadserious.

There are moments in ‘Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence)’ where something almost intelligent seems to be happening. The most common reading of the film is that it’s a response/accusation/attack on those who complained that the first ‘Human Centipede’ didn’t go far enough with the blood and the sh%t and the gore.

There’s absolutely nothing to like about this movie. It’s gross and just bad. The first half tells about the mad life of this creepy dude whose gathering people, the other half is just a terrible imitation of A Serbian Film (2010 movie). I’m not even sure if I will ever watch the third movie, it can only become more terrible than this movie. Don’t waste your time on this. Better yet, you don’t even need to go near this movie, ever!

Oh, before I forgot to mention the “Creepiest Moment” in the film, here it is…

“The Triumph of the Human Spirit”

She runs naked outside…  steals a car… while in labour!

 A pregnant lady — survives — escapes, but gives birth in the car! But prior to that she was running through the warehouse, apparently about to give birth, judging from the liquid gushing out of her.

And that’s your Plot twist…!?

Noticing that the time is right, the pregnant lady (who didn’t actually die I guess) emerges from under the blanket and makes a run for the door. Along the way, the most horrifying scene in movie history takes place.

(Yeah, you have no idea what’s that like to actually have to watch…that!)

The movie didn’t just rely on gross-out horror. It is Gross-out Horror!


She manages to lock herself into a car, and while Martin is banging on the windows, the stress and fear makes her, well into labor, having the baby, right away as the baby suddenly burst forth from her loins. So out pops the baby, sliding to the bottom of the car, but she’s so panicked about escaping that she slams down the gas and speeds away. Yes, she smashes her newborn’s head in in order to get away. That scene provoked the loudest screams of disbelief and horror. And, just like that, the greatest WTF moment in the history of filmmaking is born!

One more time (this is no joke!): She squishes the newborn baby with her shoe while escaping, stomps on the accelerator, crushing the baby’s skull under the pedal — a disgusting pre-end to a pro-disgusting film.

(Never mind anything else that’s happened so far in this film but that was the scariest scene ever! This is no joke, I’m lucky to be alive despite watching this scene regardless of the big F*ck you from Mr. Six which was already planted inside).

The Human Centipede 2 – Full Sequence (2011) Official Trailer

‘Final Thoughts’ 

Now, to sum it up, the biggest detractor of this emphasis on trying to shock and make your audience uncomfortable (other than it makes your film look like a bad college film in its quality) is the fact it becomes painfully boring and even more painfully predictable. With Six’s only concern about providing jarring scenes, he forgets to fill in the voids between them with substance and the movie becomes nothing but a waiting game for the next scene of pain. By the end of the film, the scenes that were so obviously meant to disturb you actually become sequences that made me yawn. But don’t get me wrong, this movie is still flippin’ disturbing.

Not only this film is the “weirdest” one I’ve ever seen but also the most disgusting motion picture I’d ever come across—followed by an erupting lawsuit filed by my own two eyes—against my characteristics: curiosity/eagerness— the urge I always feel to know more about something.

Thank you,

Asif Ahsan Khan

© 2015 Asif Ahsan Khan. ® All Rights Reserved.

The Human Centipede (Film Series): 1, 2 & 3. — Oh, yes, there's three of them. It's Motherf*cking trilogy! Like Christmas all the way. But without all the merriment and Santa Claus. We'll be discussing the second one in the series in this post. And Yes, there's fat guy in this film. the fat guy you see just running around and beating people up is definitely not Santa. Beware kids!
The Human Centipede (Film Series): 1, 2 & 3. — Again, Yes! there’s three of them. First, Full & Final Sequence. It’s one Motherf*cking trilogy! 

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